Sunday, August 11, 2013

My 30th Birthday

So I have been meaning to blog again since I haven't blogged since 2011. I have to start by blogging my 30th Birthday. It was great! It started the night before with a mini iPad! I had been wanting an iPad forever and my husband got me one!!! I was so surprised and very happy! Then after church there was a large banner on my van and thirty black balloons (courtsey of Stacy and Rebecca) and an inflatable turkey in my van. Emilee was trying to figure out an inflatable gift to get me and I'm so glad she found the turkey because it is fantastic!


The next day Emilee came over and as she got to the house so did the delivery driver. For the first time in my whole life I got flowers delivered to me!!! Mandie my good OLD friend who had turned 30 several days before sent me a bouquet of beautiful flowers.


 So then I got my gifts from Caleb. He got me a rock that was very nicely wrapped. Apparently my husband told his Sunday School class that I love gifts so much that I would like a rock if it was wrapped. He also got me a giant bubble wand. I loved it!


So then I started in on the many gifts Emilee brought. She got me a jumper (which I tried to burn),some pomegranate hand soap, some Christmas Cards and stamps and (drum roll please) a bacon shirt! She also brought not one but two desserts!


 On top of all those gifts Libby and Becki called me!!! Can you believe it? I couldn't I thought I had slipped into an alternate universe for sure. It was great! iI also got a gift card to Cato from my adopted Mom, Marcia, super cute card from Mu, and few calls from some of my Aunts and my cousin Laura. A few days after my Birthday Morgan gave me Power Grid, one of my most favorite games ever! Along with a note saying it was to play with my friends in the old folks home. So my Birthday started the night before and kept going for like a week! It was the BEST Birthday ever!


EmileeAnn said...

If you hadn't told me you'd blogged I'm not sure I ever would have found out. You seem to have dropped off Becki's blog list...that's usually where I go to see who's blogged recently. :-)

Great post! I always forget about the bacon shirt.

Now that you've blogged I guess I better.

Haley Rachelle said...

Yeah what is the deal? Just cause I don't blog for a year and a half I drop off her list? Thanks for not giving up on me. I'm gald I'm still on your blog roll. :)

You should blog about the epic ping pong tournament!

Cat-n-Dan said...

Happy Birthday my friend.. I am late but i still Love ya.

Rebekah said...

Okay, so I got that e-mail saying that you blogged... but it's taken me this long to FIND your blog. It's been dormant for so long it's sort of like unearthing Pompeii. It took some time. And yes, I kicked everybody off my blog roll who I had no expectation of ever seeing blog again. If you blog twice more this year I'll add you again. ;-)

I LOVED THIS POST!!! What a great birthday. I only wish I could have been there for it. The turkey CRACKS ME UP! Especially in the picture where you're carrying it under your arm. It's almost as good as the picture of when you opened up the box and found a jumper inside. HA!