Sunday, August 11, 2013

My 30th Birthday

So I have been meaning to blog again since I haven't blogged since 2011. I have to start by blogging my 30th Birthday. It was great! It started the night before with a mini iPad! I had been wanting an iPad forever and my husband got me one!!! I was so surprised and very happy! Then after church there was a large banner on my van and thirty black balloons (courtsey of Stacy and Rebecca) and an inflatable turkey in my van. Emilee was trying to figure out an inflatable gift to get me and I'm so glad she found the turkey because it is fantastic!


The next day Emilee came over and as she got to the house so did the delivery driver. For the first time in my whole life I got flowers delivered to me!!! Mandie my good OLD friend who had turned 30 several days before sent me a bouquet of beautiful flowers.


 So then I got my gifts from Caleb. He got me a rock that was very nicely wrapped. Apparently my husband told his Sunday School class that I love gifts so much that I would like a rock if it was wrapped. He also got me a giant bubble wand. I loved it!


So then I started in on the many gifts Emilee brought. She got me a jumper (which I tried to burn),some pomegranate hand soap, some Christmas Cards and stamps and (drum roll please) a bacon shirt! She also brought not one but two desserts!


 On top of all those gifts Libby and Becki called me!!! Can you believe it? I couldn't I thought I had slipped into an alternate universe for sure. It was great! iI also got a gift card to Cato from my adopted Mom, Marcia, super cute card from Mu, and few calls from some of my Aunts and my cousin Laura. A few days after my Birthday Morgan gave me Power Grid, one of my most favorite games ever! Along with a note saying it was to play with my friends in the old folks home. So my Birthday started the night before and kept going for like a week! It was the BEST Birthday ever!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Birthday

What you are confused because my birthday in November? No it’s not that I’m posting late again, Emilee and I just celebrated my Birthday late this year. It was truly a night to remember filled with fire dancing, human insects, Santa Claus and a Moose. No I’m not making any of that up. Emilee picked me up at 5:00 and we headed to the Butterfly Pavilion. They had a special winter light thing and we went, which is where the fire dancing comes in. They hired a fire dancer to dance with fire outside the Butterfly Pavilion. It was so cold, we really felt sorry for her. We just knew the fire dancer had to be cold.  As we were standing in line shivering we noticed a couple of women dressed up as butterflies, naturally I had to go have my picture taken with them. Finally we got inside and headed to the butterfly section which was kinda boring. They only had a few lights and most of the butterflies were sleeping. Next we went back outside where some really great lights and a couple of ice sculptures were. If it wasn’t so cold we probably would have hung out there for awhile but it was freezing so we went inside to the gift shop. There we found several dead butterflies in small display boxes for sale. It was very disturbing. I just hope the live ones don’t know. Also, in the gift shop was someone dressed up as a Praying Mantis. This guy was at least hired by the Butterfly Pavilion unlike the butterfly women.
Next was a delicious dinner at Ruby Tuesday’s and like usual Emilee and I were the youngest ones there. Mmmmm, it was soooo good!
It was still early so we went to Cato’s. It was closed but they let us in since they had other customers. Unfortunately there wasn’t anything great there.
Not wanting to go home yet we went to Bass Pro Shop next. They do such a great job decorating for Christmas! It was great. They even have a Santa’s Workshop section. We headed that way and saw that Santa was in fact there! Yay!
Me “Hey want to stand in line and get our picture taken with Santa?”
Emilee “The line is too long.”
Me “So if the line wasn’t there you would?”
Emilee “Sure”
So we moved on after taking our picture with a fake snowman. We then found some Jacob Shuler hats and then a Moose that Emilee and I hadn’t seen before, then to more Jacob Shuler hats. Then while on the second floor I looked down and saw Santa’s line was gone so I grabbed Emilee and off we went. Unfortunately the line was gone because Santa was gone. But there was an elf. So I got a not so willing Emilee to go with me to ask the Elf if she would take a picture of us in Santa’s chair. To my delight (not Emilee’s) the elf said she would see if Santa was still around. She went to his workshop door knocked and who should appear? That’s right Santa! Yay! He wanted us to sit on his lap for the picture but Emilee adamantly refused. Ha ha ha! He kept trying to talk her into it but she wasn’t about to budge. So the nice Elf took our picture and we were off to take more pictures of us with random things much to my delight (not Emilee’s.) No it’s not true she loves my craziness in fact she told me she would dress up like a butterfly with me if I wanted. 
We finally headed home where Emilee gave me a great purple journal with scriptures in it (which I have already started to use.) What a great Birthday!!! She owes me no presents for sure!!!


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Fall Fun

We went to a nursery that had inflateable jumping things, a hay maze, bean bag toss and a mini play area for the kids. It was great. Yes, I am a slacker. I haven't blogged in months and this post should have been put up in October. But hey at least there are lots of pictures. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

Already Driving

How did this happen? It's seems just yesterday they were so small and now they are driving. Well being pushed really. Sam and Anna have a couple jeeps now. Three to be exact, two that work great and one that mostly works. All came from Craigslist at great prices. We bought the mostly working one about four months ago, and the one Sam is driving about a month ago. My Mom bought the yellow one the same day for Anna. They have had lots of fun in them and are getting to be better drivers all the time. A few days ago they even took David for a spin, on the slow setting. He loved it. I'll have to get a picture of that one and post it in another month or so.

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