Friday, August 17, 2007

What a Week

What a Week

Anna is officially one. Wow, where did the time go. We had a small Birthday party for her on Saturday. It was nice, she really liked her cake. She is so cute. It is great to see someone so small walking around and crawling onto the couch. It’s just cute to watch. I have bad news about my new van, the a/c went out. Ironic, that’s about all I have to say about that one. It was a great few days that it worked. Hopefully it just needs to be charged.

We are having vacation bible school this week at church. It has been lots of fun. We had a marketplace Thursday night and Chris and I helped the kids squish fishing weights with hammers to make coins. I was one of the people with a part to play that night so I made Anna a little matching outfit. Then I thought Abbie might like one too. Emilee made hers. It was fun. Sam is really enjoying VBS. He loves being with big kids.

My Mom is moving to Castle Rock. She got a job near Highlands Ranch so Castle Rock is much closer to her work than Northglenn. For all of you who are not familiar with any of the cities I just mentioned, lets just say my Mom lived up north and got a job down south so she moved a little farther south from there. I went and loaded up her caravan and my caravan yesterday and moved a lot of her stuff for her. The furniture is just going to have to wait. On the bright side she has until the end of the month to move.

Tomorrow I’m going to a wedding at the Monarch Mountain Lodge. A friend who I haven’t seen in years is the bride to be and it will be really good to see her. Afterwards I’m going to spend some time with my Dad, Aunt, Grandma, and my cousin Jacob. I’m really looking forward to it.
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Vicki Smith said...

Adorable pictures! She looks WAY too tiny to be walking!

Tammy Washburn said...

I have air condition woes in my car also :( The little walking market girl(s) are so cute!

Unknown said...

She is way too tiny, how did this happen? Where did the year go?

I'll take my a/c woes over yours anyday at least we don't have humidity like yours. I just really hope it is not too expensive to fix. If it is we are going to have a hot trip to TN.

Tammy Washburn said...

When she's 18 and graduating high school, you'll ask that same question. You go, "Wait a minute, just last week, you were starting kindergarten!!!!". Now my baby wants to move to Knoxville to finish college BY HERSELF!!! She just started walking last month!!! :) ;)

We just parked my car and will let it sit there until we can fix the ac or the weather turns cooler :) which ever comes first. Fortunately, we can drive my hubby's truck and we work in the same area so we ride to work together.

For ya'lls sakes, hopefully the weather turns cooler in the next week!!!!!!!!!