Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

In between church services my friend Liz came over with lots of sugar and two little gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate. It was a lot of fun and she thought it was really great that she was pumping them full of sugar before we had to go back to church. To their credit they did pretty good sitting still. But really how could I let them make gingerbread houses and not let them eat some of the building materials? I almost forgot to tell you the best part. After church that morning Sam found a Rolly Polly which he by the way calls Holly Pollies, anyway he told me we should take it home and build it a house so he would be warm. I forgot all about his Rolly Polly needing a home til Sam's gingerbread house was finished and Sam was ready to move him in. Ha. We explained sugar was not good for Rolly Pollies, but, Sam was sure sugar was good for everyone and everything. We finally convinced him and the Rolly Polly didn't live much longer anyway so I didn't have to worry about Sam smuggling him in.
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Loree Brock said...

Great story from Sam, everything needs a house! The gingerbread houses look like fun, how nice of your frined. David is growing too fast, he'll be walking before we get to meet him.

Haley Rachelle said...

It would probably make a great ant house. I hope David isn't walking before you meet him. I would like to see you again before that.