Tuesday, May 22, 2007


So little Anna broke out in a rash a couple days ago but it is almost gone now and she is much happier. Poor kid first her top two teeth come in and now this. It has been a rough couple weeks. We went to a kids store today and sold them a few of the things we have never used. I got Sam a little plastic gas pump and a hat with some of the money. I wanted to trade all of my stuff for this little black truck that is missing a door and a bumper but the woman is delusion and thinks it is worth $20. So even though Sam likes it for now he is just going to have to gas up his bike instead of the broken truck. We had a lot of rain for a couple hours today. When we left it was sprinkling and by the time we got there it was pouring. I had fun getting me the kids and the stuff inside. But now we are home and it is down to a sprinkle again. In other news I have been trying to clean out the basement. I’m hoping to have a yard sale sometime soon. That’s about all. Oh yes there was also my fun shopping trip with Emilee and Herbie the bear. We were looking at clothes for Zeke and there was Herbie and only half price. What a deal. So Emilee and I have a new shopping buddy. He rode in the front of our cart and we strapped him in the backseat of the car when we left. He is a bear or maybe a gorilla. We’re not sure. Please tell me what you think he is, even those of you who don’t usually comment. You can comment anonymously just tell me bear or gorilla. Right now we call him a barilla. Bear or gorilla... you decide.

Isn't he a sweet brother?
Sam is silly. He likes to put on my shoes when he goes outside. Got to love the winter hat too.
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Unknown said...

I'ld say mmm... yeh he's definiteyl a... barilla. :)

Erika J. said...

i vote gorilla. :)

Momma Tammi said...

Herbie has the body of a bear but the face of a gorilla, so he is definitely a barilla! He is too cute!

I love the picture of Sam sharing with Anna...how adorable!