Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hi Everybody!

It’s time for my bi-monthly blog. So let me think what wonderful things have we been up to? Sam can now get himself completely undressed but he is a good boy and doesn’t try to undress at inappropriate times. J Anna is getting her two top teeth. She was up a lot last night with a fever. She is also just starting to try to walk around furniture.

So we did end up meeting with Chris’ brother and watching a little of our nephew’s game. Unfortunately it was raining so we didn’t get to see much before we retreated to the car.

We went to Castle Rock on Monday and spent some time with my Aunt Kelley and her daughter Kialani. It was fun. We went to McDonalds and then when we got back the kids played in back for awhile. We ran some errands yesterday. I’ve become slightly addicted to caffeine so I had to stop and get a cappuccino from the gas station. I knew Emilee would be getting done with story time at the library which is the way I was heading so I got her one too. We hung out in the library parking lot and talked and laughed awhile. Then I went to my friend Hannah’s. We had a good time there too. Hannah is one of the few friends I keep up with from High School. She is going to try to come to Ladies’ retreat this year. Yay! I know she is going to love it! Last night Laura and Adam came over and we ate spaghetti and played sequence. Adam and I were on one team and Chris and Laura were on the other. Adam and I creamed them both games. After Laura and Adam left and the kids were in bed, Chris and I played a couple more times and I creamed him both games. Chris hardly ever will play games so I would have been very happy anyway but all the creaming made it even better!

In other news our land lord is not happy with us. Chris just mowed the lawn for the first time this year last week. The grass was getting high enough to lose the children and play jungle in the back. Chris also had some of his construction stuff in the yard, some concrete blankets and some studs. The land lord said it looked like white trash had moved in. He also said if it got that bad again he would hire a lawn service and send us the bill. That is what he does for the guy on the other side of the duplex.
Sam?...... Sam?..... Where are you? The grass is too tall and thick to get to you.
I finally found a plant I'm good at growing, Dandelions. Aren't they beautiful?

Here is my two headed monster. Chris had on two shirts so when it started to rain he put Anna in between them to keep her warm and dry.

Here is Clif and Aaron.
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cokelady said...

Wow--the bi-monthly! I was wondering if my subscription had run out. ;-) Great post, great pictures. Love the jungle shots. And the two-headed monster--scary and cute all rolled into one. (I won't say which head is which; I think you can figure it out!) And Cliff and his kid-o--neat! I've always really liked Cliff. I pray for him whenever I think of him.

Tammy Washburn said...

So instead of easter egg hunt, you hide the kids in the grass and search for them? Hahahahha!

Our lawn mower broke and hubby had to let the grass grow until it was fixed. He was able to finally mow, but our neighbors still haven't mowed theirs, so we're weren't the worst in the neighborhood. My hubby now has 2 push lawn mowers, so hopefully at least one will stay operational this summer.